IHC Siebengebirge AG

IHC Siebengebirge AG implements customized procurement solutions for their customers. Its main competency is trading, also known as procurement. The company is specialized in intercontinental trading concept and consolidation of goods flow for global clients.

Specialist in global trading and procurement


Trading or Procurement means, that we buy the goods directly from you or from your supplier on your behalf. Afterwards, we sell the goods to you or your designated purchaser with prefixed conditions. The reasons for using trading or procurement are as varied as the daily challenges that we all have to face in the global business world. You want a way to optimize your flow of goods and we want to be able to help.
Trading or Procurement should always be a WIN-WIN situation for all parties involved. Tell us what is your challenge or your desired goal and we will work out a customized trading solution. In the end, trading should be for you as a customer, your suppliers, your logistic service providers and for us as a trader, a business in which all participate successfully.